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Monday, September 24, 2018

Room Decorating Isn’t Magic

Interior decorators aren’t magicians, and it doesn’t take fairy dust to get fantastic results in a room. So, put down the wand and check out these hot tips:

Unify Your Style
  • By committing to a single style, you simplify and narrow the variety of options.
  • Decorators try to commit to a style that unifies the ‘Big Five’: rug, sofa, window treatments, side chairs and coffee table.
  • You can avoid complete uniformity with wall art and room accessories. The choices are endless.
Three is the Magic Number
  • Create a three-color palette: two main colors and one accent color that either calms or livens up the others.
  • While paint is the palette’s basis, upholstery and rugs can bring the palette to life.

5 Steps to Easy Interior Renovation

Looking for a fall weekend project?
  1. First Impression: Brighten up and sophisticate your rooms by replacing outdated floors with clean, fresh, easy-to-maintain wood flooring.
  2. Kitchen Face-Lift: Add value to your home by giving your kitchen a new look. Try decorating the island with beadboard.
  3. Clean up the Bathroom: Create a pleasant rest stop by following a theme: Think beadboard paneling at chair rail level with whitewashed wooden shelves displaying favorite seashells for a beach look.
  4. Dine in Style: Add picture frame moulding for added style in the dining room. Below the chair rail, install round moulding pieces, cut to create a square or rectangle on the wall, and paint the frames an accent color.
  5. A Fun Office: Customize the office by displaying photos, trophies and other memorabilia on the walls and on the desk.

A Tidy House in Less Time?

Keeping your house clean takes time, but not always as much as you might think.
  • After each shower, use a daily shower spray and sponge or squeegee for a quick cleaning.
  • Prepare for spills and messes by keeping disinfectant wipes in the kitchen, bath and living area.
  • Got a few minutes to spare? Sweep or dry-mop the kitchen floor.
  • Wipe down your germ-laden refrigerator handle with a handy disinfectant wipe.

As you take on small tasks like these, you may notice areas where you need help. Of course, cleaning and your household plumbing go hand-in-hand at times. So if faucets are dripping, toilets are running or odors are coming from your plumbing, just give us a call.

Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Quick: New Uses for a Candlestick

Somehow, I believe that candlesticks secretly multiply when you’re not looking. Though they’re great at mood-setting, if you don’t need all those extra candlesticks, here are some great uses…

Bud Vase – Cut stems short and add water to keep blooms upright for a night.

Tiered Tray – Use a candlestick from the flea market, dollar or thrift-store as a pedestal between two plates. Attach permanently with a few dabs of waterproof, food-safe glue.

Bracelet Holder – Are your bangles bulging out of your jewelry box? Accessorize your dresser by slipping them over a candlestick. De-clutter while creating an appealing display!

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