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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

All Hands on Deck

Home renovation remains a great American pastime – as do grilling outdoors, get-togethers and watching children run through the sprinkler. Decks are an easy and attractive way to add space and to blend the indoors with the great outdoors of your home.

Decks typically have only one point of access to the home, so you should choose the entrance that allows the easiest transition from inside to outside.

Before beginning construction, there are two choices to make concerning materials: First, will you use wood or synthetic material, and second, if you use wood, do you prefer naturally rot-resistant or chemically treated?
Properly maintaining your deck can not only save repair costs, it can also preserve natural resources.
So enjoy the summer, the outdoors and your new “outdoor room.”

Selecting the Right Paint Color for Your Home’s Interior

When painting the interior of your home, how do you choose from virtually limitless shades of color? First, it depends on your mood. Or rather, the mood you prefer your colors to have.
Colors bring out an emotional component that many people respond to – whether they realize it or not. Red, for instance, hints at a boldness and vitality. To express a sunny cheerfulness, look to yellow. For peace and harmony, try blue.
Of course, a house can be made up of different moods – bright, sunny yellow in the kitchen, the calming effect of blue in the bedrooms and maybe a strong, confident red in the foyer or living room.
Those are only the broadest of categories because, from there, you’ll have a multitude of shades and variations as colors are mixed and mingled.

Is Cleaning Your Home Dangerous to Your Health?

Today’s household cleaning products are convenient, but can also pose many risks that range from eye irritation or accidental swallowing to flare ups of allergies and asthma from airborne
residue. So, how can you reduce your chances of injury?

Instructions for Use: The label tells you everything you need to know about how to use the product safely, including how much should be used and on what materials/surfaces it should be applied.

Cautions: Health warnings for people and pets are provided in precautionary statements. A common one: “Causes eye irritation. Avoid contact with eyes.” This is followed by first-aid procedures in case of exposure.

Bottom Line: Follow a few precautions while you clean – and be safe!

Better Curb Appeal Means Better Value

Whether you’re selling your home or just wanting to be a good neighbor, improving curb appeal improves property value.
Good points vs. bad points. Look for the features you like best. Can you enhance them? By the same token, analyze the features you like the least.
Repair and maintenance needs. Some of the details you walk past every day without noticing could be the very thing that catches someone else’s attention.
Clutter and debris. Keep the surroundings as uncluttered as possible.
Landscaping. This area has great potential to add – and detract – from your “curb appeal.” Keep the lawn mowed, remove weeds and trim shrubbery.

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